How to Organize your Car and Turn it into a Sanctuary

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A car is like a second house to some people. Although not all, some people eat, sleep, change, store, and do a lot more in their car. And it’s understandable because it has a lock too. And although it’s treated like a home, it’s not always clean, tidy, and organized as any room in your house should be. 


Organizing can help pave the way for lesser stress when your day has just ended. These organizational hacks will help you turn your car into a sanctuary and help you drive better. 


  1. Take out unimportant things 

Yes, your car is an extension to your home. But you don’t have to keep every single thing inside. Just because you have a lot of nice shoes to choose from, doesn’t mean you have to bring three pairs just because you want to change. That makeup stash has to go too or in your bag.  


  1. Clean the interior 

There are portable and easy-to-use vacuum cleaners available in the market today. It should be easy finding one if you decide to clean inside yourself. You can also have it cleaned by an auto detailing company.  


  1. Keep it smelling good 

What’s a clean interior if it smells unpleasant inside? Do your car a favor and buy some car air freshener. There are a lot of options to choose from. And if health is of concern, there are also a wide variety of natural car fresheners in the market. You can also do a DIY freshener. Search the internet. It has plenty of ideas. 


  1. Keep spills and crumbs at a minimum 

As much as possible, if you are to eat inside, keep the crumbs from falling or the spills from, well, spilling. You don’t want to have another clean up when you just had it done.  


  1. Have a garbage bin 

It is essential to have a garbage bin inside the car so you don’t throw trash on the floor or other garbage in the nooks and crannies of the seats. It is also important that the garbage bin should have a lid or a lock. You wouldn’t want the garbage spilling out while you are driving. Mmm. Disastrous. 


  1. Organizers 

These guys come in really handy and effective and cost only a few dollars. You can even be resourceful and creative by using what you have to help organize things inside the car. You can use popsicle molders to hold coins, earphones, chargers, and more. Or carabineer clips to hang umbrellas or bags from behind the seats. 


  1. Maintain it 

This should be emphasized. The moment you stop using your organizers or keeping the car cleaned, then the bad cycle of putting stuff anywhere and everywhere will just return. Remember what you have gone far to keep the car clean and don’t forget it. 



These tips are just some of the hacks to guide you on how to be organized and stay organized so you can drive in peace. But if you think your car is still not turning into the haven you want it to be, then you have to assess where you are in your driving skills. If you feel you need any help, you can take driving classes Bronx if you feel you aren’t there yet. 

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